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Dedicated to Martin Kruskal on the occasion of his 90th birthday
to the 60th anniversary of the solution of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam problem

Conference organizers

  • Yaroslavl State University, Yaroslavl
  • Steklov Mathematical Institute (RAS),  Moscow
  • Institute of Computer Science, Izhevsk
  • National Research Nuclear University MEPhi,  Moscow

Place of the conference

Demidov Yaroslavl State University, Sovetskaya Str. 14, Yaroslavl, Russia

Program Committee

  • Valery V. Kozlov (co-chairman)
  • Alexey  Borisov (co-chairman)
  • Sergey Kaschenko (co-chairman)
  • Iskander Taimanov
  • Mihail Strihanov
  • Аlexander Ivanov
  • Nikolay Kudryashov
  • Аnatoly Markeev
  • Grigory Osipov
  • Alain Albouy
  • Ivan Mamaev
  • Dmitry Treschev

Organizing Committee

  • Sergey Glyzin (chairman)
  • Pavel Nesterov
  • D. Glazkov
  • D. Glyzin
  • Nadezhda Erdakova
  • I. Kaschenko
  • Anna Tolbey (secretary)

Invited speakers

V. Kozlov, S. Bolotin, D. Treschev, А. Borisov,
А. Bolsinov, А. Markeev, I. Taimanov,
А. Ivanov, N. Kudryashov , А. Tsiganov,
Alain Albouy, Luis García Naranjo, Y. Fedorov,
М. Sevryuk, G. Osipov and others


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